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….and we’re done. —

OK, that’s that. It’s now January 1st. I’ve been writing entries in the time warp for a few weeks now, catching up from the 14 day gap I had from the massive California/West Coast trip I took, and I had decided that whatever we had up to today was going to be it for my […]

5000 BBS Changes —

I hit a milestone in December: over 5,000 corrections, changes and suggestions to the BBS List since I put it up in 2001. So that’s an average of 800 messages a year, or about two a day, every day. The near-constant communication about that project keeps my interest alive in it. It has a lot […]

Bizzaro Genius Baby —

Naturally, someone like MC Frontalot would not be stopping at a single video for his new album, and while my video for “It is Pitch Dark” was officially released in September (it was completed in April), November saw the release of the second video, “Bizzaro Genius Baby”. As Frontalot told people in his news entry, […]

My Delicious Grape Juice —

I mentioned in a previous entry (which itself cites a previous entry) that I had ordered some Pinot Noir Grape juice, unfermented grapes in a bottle. Well, it arrived, finally. I am happy to see the elaborate way that people pack wine bottles. Because I live in Massachusetts, I would normally encounter some issues shipping […]

Used Clothes are Used —

If you have time, this is worth reading. It shot into my awareness because I have a RSS feed looking for people selling CD Shareware on Ebay. When the feed finds something worthwhile, I buy and then duplicate it onto Unfortunately, anything with the words “CD” and “Shareware” get picked up, but there’s no […]

When Being Online Was New —

One of my secret weapons, Gene Buckle, was kind enough to sniff out and send along a precious package indeed: a 1990s archive/transfer of a 1981 software and documentation collection of the original BBS Software, CBBS. This is the real deal – writings and code (including source) of the original BBS program, along with a […]

Overextended —

Actually, “Overextended” may be an inaccurate term here; I am possibly Hyperextended. Even that term doesn’t seem to apply to me; and so I would probably have to devise a new, even more extreme prefix of “extended” but not surprisingly I have no time to do so. This situation is heaven to me, honestly. That […]

The Tool —

I had this thing done to me back at the Vintage Computer Festival. I keep forgetting it and then I remember it and get cranky, so let’s just mention it right now. It won’t stop someone from doing it to me again because those kind of folks wouldn’t have read my weblog, so this is, […]

The ANSI Gallery —

There’s been a project underway in San Francisco that’s looking pretty exciting. It’s called “ANSI” and is a showing of ANSI art at a gallery called “20goto10”. It’s being held on January 12th and has been worked on for at least a few months. I got word of it from several sources and also met […]

Chinese is the New Computer —

I have a standing offer with relatives and buddies with children: I will pay for Mandarin Chinese lessons. Most schools in the US don’t have any easy way to elect to teach children Mandarin, and so you need to have a tutor, or send the kids to a after-hours school, or otherwise give them lessons […]