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Gorp: A Little More —

A couple people joked with me and said “Hells YEAH I’d be in a remake of Gorp!” For fun, I started playing “What if” with the whole thing, just to see who owned it, what they thought of it, and so on. I found this snippet of an interview with the author of the screenplay […]

Gorp —

I recently subjected a good friend of mine to a DVD showing of a 1980 musical called The Apple, one of my favorite films. I didn’t warn him or anything, but somehow he got through it. (I should probably make a note that I am not recommending this film to you.) What keeps any reasonable […]

Paperperson —

In my nascent days of system administration, one of the highlights of my job was the opportunity to name new machines as they joined our legion of servers. Eventually, of course, my highlight was being able to write a script that would enable me not to be at my job while it happily chugged away […]

Five Wikipedia Predictions (A Valentine) —

My talk in April at Notacon on Wikipedia is coming up, and should be either fun or interesting (or maybe even both). As part of that I’ve been both observing and in contact with people embedded in Wikipedia, and I figured it was time to make some predictions. Make of these what you will. I’m […]

Lifecycles and Audiences —

I am terrified of planes. I don’t discuss it much because, well, what is anyone going to do about it? I should also say I’m not terrified of the planes themselves, just being in them when they’re flying. Flying is a complete torture to me, from the moment I board until it slowly taxis towards […]

A Little Bit of Nostalgia —

When I was 17 and a senior in high school, we had to pose for yearbook pictures. Horace Greeley High School, where I attended, had a nice policy about the pictures, which was that the students could basically choose their backgrounds, poses, and the rest. Since I spent most of my time in my house, […]


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Speaking in Princeton —

I know I always hate it when someone tells me where they’ll be speaking…. TOMORROW. But there you go. I’ll be speaking/presenting at the Princeton Library in Princeton, NJ tomorrow (February 7th) at roughly 7pm. You get to see some of the documentary, hear me babble, and then, if you’re feeling frisky, buy a few […]

Adventurers’ Club (Last Followup) —

I finally removed the Paypal link from the Adventurers’ Club page, as well as the part where I beg people to join. Instead, it’s now a description of what the club is and who the members are. There are 50 members in the club (not all are listed, at their request). This is five thousand […]