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A Reader Service —

Life working as an archivist for The Internet Archive has been going fantabulous, thanks for asking.  I start to feel like one of those individuals tweeting or writing about “being in an amazing environment working with great people on world-changing projects”, except in fact I am not working in some primary-color-and-convenient-free-coffee cube farm that is […]

An Audio Message to Salon.Com —

Somehow, a post just seemed like it would be drowned in a sea of other posts and the usual sad debates about the mass deletion of information. So, I recorded an mp3. A Message to Salon.Com (3 minutes) If you’d like to help, please visit the Tabletalk.Salon.Com project page on the Archive Team website.

Archive Team! With Friends Like These… —

Archive Team, that ruthless band of site-saving scalliwags, has been working like crazy on a new downloading project, and we really, really need your help. Friendster, one of the first social sites that took off in a big way until being overtaken by other services, has been bought out by a company that intends to […]

FaceFacts —

Hello Jason, I’ve recently learned of your amazing archiving efforts and I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for the internet community. You’ve really got me thinking more than I had before about the fragile nature of personal data and indeed so much of the personal expression ordinary people output every […]

The Case for Manuals —

It has been quite a great time at my new position within, working as I am from a remote location. Forget hitting the ground running – I’m trying to make the ground have no idea what hit it. I already just mentioned the MUD archiving work I’m calling out for, but there’s lots more […]

Jason at Internet Archive Party, June 5 —

OK, do NOT wear the same dress as me – this is my big coming out party, after all. Well, more specifically, on June 5th, 2011, the Internet Archive ( my new employers) are having a reception and ceremony and open house around their newest building, the Internet Archive Physical Archive in Richmond, CA. Here […]