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Some Kind of Sixteen —

Unlike some schools, my high school allowed students wide berth in what they could put into yearbook photos and had a scattershot staff who could travel as needed to take your photo. I wanted my photo in my room (which I spent a lot of time in) and surrounded by items of mine. A series […]

A Buffet of Backwards Looking —

Here’s some links from around the internet that have captured my attention and interest in the last bit of time. I don’t often write these, but I like to think the stuff that interests me ranges from obscure to unexpected. Let’s see how this little experiment goes. From The Past To The Future: Tim Sweeney […]

Long Gone —

I was kindly invited to speak in front of some college students a little while ago.  The content was free-form and I mostly tried to give some impressions about computer history, the context of what I collect, and other random thoughts that I thought would be beneficial to the students (and college employees and teachers, […]

The 3D Lemmings Companion —

Assuming you count a published book as a book that the publisher paid you to make and that you completed and delivered, my first published book was The 3D Lemmings Companion (1995). Unless you count a published book as being one that does all that and also ends up on shelves. Then I’ve never published […]

Paper and Geocities Update —

I’ll just combine these two while I’m here, since they’re just updates on ongoing projects. PAPER I have a lot of magazines. Did I mention that? A lot. A whole lot. Being made to split them out and get them into special bins instead of scattered among my belongings like sesame seeds means I’m starting […]

Halo Renderings —

I suspect I should really go back and do a “Halo” tag for these entries, there’s just too many of them. But I hope the things I’m talking about have a more general usefulness beyond this specific game. So Bungie (makers of Halo) have a new beta feature in place. Here’s a lovely video showing […]

Bring on the Pain #6: Netflix —

Continuing the riveting story of one guy with a perfectly fine documentary trying to go to all the distribution points that well-meaning people tell him in endless fan letters he should go to. Previous pain coverage was here:  Introduction,  #1, #2, #3, #4, #5. On with the show! From: Submissions <> Subject: Netflix Submission of […]

The Handheld 21st Century —

For years, my cell phone was a variation of a Motorola contractor’s phone. This was the most basic, but tough-built phone in the Motorola line, mostly intended to be on construction sites and in the hands of very rough-handling computer historians. The most recent one of those I owned was a i530. An i530 looks […]

Transparent Paper: PAPER.TEXTFILES.COM —

For fun, let’s include everyone in on a little project of mine. Unlike Archive Team, I’m not actively seeking help on it for the moment, just doing some initial work and including you in on it. As part of my mission/life/hobby, I find myself often being sent collections of magazines, catalogs, and other paper that […]

A DAK Catalog Showdown? —

To commemorate (or at least reference) the subject I’m talking about (the DAK Catalog), I’m going to write in the style of the catalog itself. YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME I often get shipments of old magazines, catalogs, flyers and the like from people giving up collections they no longer want to care for […]