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The Secret Inaction of a Cancelled Documentary —

Privately, I’d been working on another documentary. Yes, I know I’m working on three, and yes, they are very time consuming, but when a subject inhabits your brain, won’t let go, you have to let it run wild for a while. The subject was Action Park, an amusement part in New Jersey that had one […]

One Last Bit on JSMESS for a While —

  I know, three postings in a row is a bit much. When I get into a topic, I keep going, just never stop. It’s the kind of mindset that can end up with something like the BBS Documentary¬†– just one guy slamming away at getting things done, day in and day out. In this […]

More JSMESS: Little Help Here —

Warning: A little about project management, then a whole lot about compiling. Three entries in a row about JSMESS! Well, I happen to think it’s one of the most important things I’ve been involved in. I mean, just think of it – vintage computers in a window, like they were a movie or a track […]

The Javascript MESS Plays Atari Today —

The Javascript MESS project (mentioned here and here and here and so on) continues its progress towards the goal of emulating dozens, later hundreds of computer platforms, in a browser-based fashion. And now, the Atari 800 joins the pack. If you want to check it out, just go here and select one of the programs […]

Not for Hire: One Conference Documentary Director —

  Now that I’ve finished the DEFCON Documentary and the views are skyrocketing, I’ll mention that a few people approached me in the previous months about maybe, possibly…. would I do something similar for their conference? No. The DEFCON Documentary was a pretty unique situation, what with my very long history with DEFCON, the upfront […]

It Stinks! —

Since we’re now going to be deep in “everyone is watching my movie” season, I thought I’d mention some of the fun unique aspects of having something out there for everyone. Here’s the first review on IMDB: This documentary is simply bad. It exclusively focuses on the “geek”. Yes, these people are pleased to know […]

DEFCON: The Documentary —

On August 1st in Las Vegas, the premiere of DEFCON: The Documentary took place on the first day of DEFCON 21. Audience attendance was about 1000. Mood was high. There was free beer and the sound system could explode a Volkswagen. My dad flew in from New York to attend. It was a good time. […]