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For the short time it was up, was pretty popular. The idea behind it was good, and still holds: every once in a while, people get really excited and try to download all of The site is many gigabytes (assuming you go for some of the sub-sites as well) and so this takes […]

Three More BBS Documentary Updates —

As I promised, I would be updating the BBS Documentary site much more frequently, to make up for the production falling behind schedule. Here are the last three updates on that site, put into one location for the people keeping track of the production view syndication feeds and the usual trickery of weblogs. January 23, […]

The BBS History Foundation —

As I progressed farther down the path of the BBS Documentary project, I started to consider where to take the project next. I’d been running it for nearly 8 years, of which 3-4 of them were involving the documentary itself. Obviously, the project should continue the process of providing history, historical context, and other […]

The Eye of Doom: Documentary News —

The Eye of Doom has signed off on three of the episodes. Who or what is the Eye of Doom? A friend of mine going a ways back who has an amazing talent for picking out all the slightest imperfections and oversights that crop up when you’re working on a large-scale project like this documentary. […]

BBS Documentary Update —

It’s getting towards the end of the month, isn’t it? Oh dear. Well, it’s not for lack of my working on this project; I am currently clocking something in the range of 10-14 hours a day on it, while keeping a day job. You can imagine what I look like right now. BAUD got my […]

A Criticism of Wikipedia Now Exceeding a Scream —

Quite a ball has begun rolling in other quarters regarding Wikipedia and various criticisms from various quarters. As it is, I enjoy all the verbiage flying around, and reading the varying complaints and defenses that are going on. I have tried some social experiments with Wikipedia in the last month on and off (the Documentary […]

So, where is this Documentary? —

A pretty valid question, one especially important to the hundreds of folks who have been grand enough to pre-order the documentary, going back to October. When I first opened the pre-ordering, I indicated that it would be going out for the end of December. In the beginning of December, I realized this was not the […]