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The Art of Noise —

This entry is somewhat self-indulgent and much more of a multi-media youtube link fest than I normally would find myself doing, but the opportunity to talk about something important to me and my personal influences is just a tad too great, and after all, in today’s copyright-violating internet goulash, it’s just so simple to dip […]

Hacker Photos, 1990-1993 —

While adding a bunch of CD-ROM images to the site, I found one of them, “Forbidden Subjects 3”, contained a nice selection of “Hacker GIFs”, otherwise known as “Photos”. These all date to the 1990-1993 period and appear to be primarily from ATDT, a hacker BBS in Massachusetts that was one of the inspirations […]

The Boutique Website —

What a marketer, sales weasel, or heavily persuasive speaker seeks to do when they seemingly coin a word or phrase out of the air is own it. Ideally, this word or phrase might be a term already in use (but not quite universal), so they can manipulate the conversation into a direction where they dictate […]

Cascade —

A bunch of stuff got moved ahead over the weekend. The office from which I do most of my stuff, received an (announced) visit by none other than Koz of rsync, an old buddy. He’d not seen the new office, so I wanted to make a good impression and used this as an excuse to […]

Wherein June 19th Gives You Tidings —

Greetings and hello. As you’ve no doubt recognized, with these summer months have come a slowdown of weblog entries. While I had time, scant time, to write some helpful and/or entertaining entries on a daily or near-daily basis, I really am just too busy to do that right now, and I absolutely refuse to fall […]

Midphase’s New Goat Herders —

This letter came in, in response to this weblog entry. Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 08:00:06 -0500 From: Nick Nelson To: Subject: Maybe Midphase used to blow goats.. Hi Jason. First, name’s Nick Nelson, I’m part of the UK2 Group who recently (within the last 7 months) purchased, as well as the rest […]


I am on Facebook, that umpteenth generation networking site that has benefited from the bones and corpses of all the sites before it. I have been using it for some time, and like all of these contemporary creations, I am taken with the complexity of them, as well as what is annoying. Some very old […]

Temporarily Deleted —

Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 19:22:16 -0400 From: bobby bobby To: Subject: Certain textfile temporarily deleted. Hello jason, i would first like to say textfiles is a very useful and interesting website. I have used this specific article ( for a biology report, and to my unfortunate conclusion and past attempts, it is susceptible […]

Talk Corrections, Weekend Connections —

Two corrections to an entry I did a little while ago about talks I gave this year. The first is that I forgot to mention Shmoocon, which I also attended and gave a talk at. An ironic thing, considering I recently added all the talks from the 2008 Shmoocon to my collection. The talk was […]

Things My Users Have Taught Me —

By users, of course, I mean the many fine millions who have browsed TEXTFILES.COM and its sites over the years. It can be really frustrating that the bandwidth seems so slow, so you better open 30-60 simultaneous connections via your Internet2-ready connection in Europe and get all the files at once before it slows […]