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Besides working as an archivist and filmmaker, I have presented dozens of talks and lectures on a wide range of computer-related subjects at events around the world.  My speaking style is loose, improvisational, and heavily based on the reactions and responses of the audience. I have presented in return for honorariums, travel, charity, or the sense of a job well done, depending.  If you have an interest in spicing up your event with a Jason Scott speech, feel free to contact me.

Here is a list of some of the speeches I’ve given over the years, with links to mp3 or avi files where available. They’re presented in reverse chronological order.

“If Jason Scott is on the lineup for a talk, go to it. That man could convince you you’re the opposite sex. He knows how to motivate the audience and really gets you thinking. Do not miss him!”

– Riscphree (Link)

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