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Overextended —

Actually, “Overextended” may be an inaccurate term here; I am possibly Hyperextended. Even that term doesn’t seem to apply to me; and so I would probably have to devise a new, even more extreme prefix of “extended” but not surprisingly I have no time to do so.

This situation is heaven to me, honestly. That there are things I need to do, all the time, and that all my time is spoken for if I choose it to be means that I have goals, dreams. I am lucky to live a life where I am not merely surviving doing other peoples’ tasks, but am facing a mountain of my own, self-appointed tasks that I can dive into at will.

Some of this bad planning, to be sure. And some of it is because I’ve taken on a number of projects that are unlikely to ever end. When I interviewed the cavers for GET LAMP, a couple made a mention of being involved in a project bigger than they were (mapping the cave systems), that they could never hope to finish but which they could be happy knowing they contributed to. I’ve got a few of those!

The danger signs are there; half the office now has piles of projects waiting for my attention. There’s a few cases where I have to make a serious attempt to box up and label things that do not need me right now, and which can wait. And my insistence, like all collecting maniacs, to have a display case of sorts of my favorite items means my living space is more cluttered than it needs to be.

But you know, I sit here writing entries and thinking of my documentary and the scanning that’s on the burner and the movies unwatched and the books unread and I just smile maniacally at all the wonderful moments I can look forward to. The discoveries, the laughter, the anger, the triumph and defeat. All waiting for me. All ready to go, when I move in that direction.

Here’s to hyperextension!

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  1. Jim Leonard says:

    Assuming you don’t get hit by a bus or anything 🙂

  2. Jason Scott says:

    You mean my precious honking yellow freedom angel?