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Naturally, someone like MC Frontalot would not be stopping at a single video for his new album, and while my video for “It is Pitch Dark” was officially released in September (it was completed in April), November saw the release of the second video, “Bizzaro Genius Baby”.

As Frontalot told people in his news entry, it’s available in “tiny Quicktime or DIVX, elsewise YouTube“.

Just to be clear, I had nothing to do with this project, and found out about it like all followers of the Front: on his news page. It was done by Jason Thomas of Red Rocket Farm who obviously spent quite a bit of time on it.

It’s animated, and has some very nice effects in it, often illustrating the lyrics with scenes and shots. The character designs are good, and there’s a nice selection of inside and outside jokes crammed into the margins. The 100mb version of the film can be downloaded here and it’s worth the time. It’s there you can see things like how the cellphones calling the baby from various colleges all have the accurate main numbers for the college in them. Good stuff.

Someone on the YouTube posting compares this video and the one I shot. Different videos, different purposes. I don’t think it makes sense to compare them all that much. But I definitely love that I’m part of a library of someone’s work.

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