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Flowing Amber —

Without wasting everyone’s time by doing a “weblog” entry that in fact is just a “go here” entry, let me keep it short and sweet about this site: This is a webpage regarding a long-ago BBS/Modem-Based site called “The Houston Freelancin’ Roundtable”. You can read up about what it is, browse old printouts, see […]

Little Plastic Dreams —

I made a nice little addition to DIGITIZE.TEXTFILES.COM: The 1980 Coleco Catalog. If you don’t remember getting a Coleco catalog in the mail at some point, don’t be worried. This particular catalog went out specifically to stores or purchasers for chains. It’s directed toward people who buy by the box or the truckload, and so […]

Chip or London —

Isn’t that how it always is? I am going to be in London for a week doing interviews for my documentary and also speaking at a convention (about Wikipedia, this time), and I realize the time I’m going exactly matches a real incredible chiptune festival in New York City: BLIPFESTIVAL.ORG This is fly-to-NY-and-rent-a-hotel worthy. Days […]