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There’s been a project underway in San Francisco that’s looking pretty exciting.

It’s called “ANSI” and is a showing of ANSI art at a gallery called “20goto10”. It’s being held on January 12th and has been worked on for at least a few months. I got word of it from several sources and also met some of the people behind it.

It would be simple enough to print a few ANSI artworks out, put them on the wall, and have disinterested-looking people slowly drift around the rooms eating high-carb snacks and drinking Red Bull mixed drinks. But I’ve been watching what’s up and there’s a real amount of effort going in to show the ANSI artwork under ideal conditions.

There’s a website (really a weblog) showing off the projects being done associated with this, and I think I’m pretty enamored with the scroller; a self-contained chipboard with a SD card that shows ANSI artwork when hooked up to a monitor. No need to have a bunch of computer hardware running and making noise; now there’s just a little appliance, an actual appliance, dedicated to showing ANSI.

There’s a critical mass happening with this thing; hundreds of people are expected to show. People who were part of the ANSI Artscene are travelling to it, as a pilgrimage. I’ve contributed my artscene documentary episode to be shown continually in some corner. I have no idea what that’ll be like.

But I know there’s efforts to make lit-from-behind stand-up displays, bring in other artifacts, you know… do this right.

So don’t say I didn’t give you warning. I’ll be there and maybe I’ll see you too.

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  1. Flack says:

    When it comes to people creating music and art, there are two types of people: those who discover a medium and try to create with it, and those who are artists who just happen to use a particular medium. I definitely fall into the first category, and continue to be impressed by people in the second. I remember messing with TheDraw for months trying to come up with a splash screen for my first BBS, only to be blown away by real artists who happened upon the ANSI medium. I have always been and continue to be amazed by these guys.

    Should the ANSI art show need a few old school pictures of ANSI stick people to display, please have them contact me.