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A Valentine from Archive Team —

Well, not so much a valentine as a status update. But we’re just trying to help the lonely, here. It’s also another call to arms. But first… the Geocities Torrent/Collection. You’ll be glad to know multiple copies are out in the wild. However, the main torrent has taken a little time to get to the […]

Since You’ve Been Gone —

OH HI THERE. I’m Jason Scott, and if you’re reading this you probably have me in some sort of RSS or Feed Reader. And, in some cases, you had the feed suddenly blast out a bunch of new entries where the last one was from some time in December. So, it appears some hackery got […]

Has Never Filmed, Will Never Film, Might Film —

I’m stacking documentary-related post after doc-related post, mostly to get these all out of my head for a little while. I¬†wanted to address some documentaries I’m not doing, along with examples of them being done, or whether I think they should be done at all. While being interviewed by Off The Hook during the months […]

The Review Fascination —

This could all be misinterpreted, so let’s just make sure all the positives are on the top, where most people stop reading. The BBS Documentary sold very well. Enough that I ran out of copies. But GET LAMP has sold better. Way better. Way, way better. How much better? I’m down to less than 25 […]

A Hands On-Project —

This is not related to my announcement that I will announce another couple films. Having finished two major projects in documentary, especially technical documentary, means I hear an awful lot about other productions of a similar nature. Most are tiny one or two-person projects, involving one driven individual and their buddy. Sometimes it’s more involved […]

The Next Documentary —

I think the BBS Documentary surprised a lot of people by being so huge and coming out of nowhere. Just like some of my websites, that was definitely the intention – go from zero to 100mph and a massive collection, so that people who didn’t know they wanted something got it in spades. It has […]