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Merry Christmas – The Last Starfighter —

Back in October, I reviewed a performance of The Last Starfighter. It recieved a lot of attention and helped the creators of that musical in terms of recognition and attendance. About a week ago, they sent me a very special gift: a Demo CD of the Last Starfighter Musical, performed by the Original Cast at […]

BBS Documentary News (December 12, 2004) —

It’s nice to think of stuff in theory, speak as if you’re an expert, and then, in practice, have it shown to you why you were dead wrong. Such as it has been in this, the most top-heavy portion of the documentary, the last 10 percent or so of work. I had thought I was […]

The Ugly: Bandwidth and Politics —

Two issues that are on the forefront of my mind as of late. They are not related, but they are both minor issues in the context of most of my work, so I’m just combining them in one entry so I can be done with them. TEXTFILES.COM is slow this week. The main reason this […]