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Geocities: Why Hello, Everybody —

Well, hasn’t it been a fascinating few days indeed. Remember that, late last week, this project wasn’t even on the horizon. I mean, Archive Team was, and I had mechanisms and structure in place to call out to people, but there was no indication that Geocities was experiencing any problems or future changes. So this […]

Sniper Spree —

And now, a quick interlude. Some quick ruminations on the meaning of a contest-winning best-of-sniper-shots-in-Halo video I’ve watched a couple times recently. I am sure that for some people, “Jason And Halo” has become that saddest of weblog tropes, the Thing That The Weblogger Keeps Going Back To That We Got The Point Already Thanks. […]

Geocities: Lessons So Far —

The Geocities-is-going-away thing broke wide a short while ago. The “Jason is Saving Geocities” thing is breaking wider by the day, so I guess we need an update. After my initial call-out, a nice selection of folks showed up to the Archive Team IRC channel, ranging from the offering of bandwidth and disk space or […]

Geocities —

So Yahoo, cowards that they are, announced in the most quiet and subtle manner possible that they were shutting down Geocities, the nearly 20-years-old hosting service and site that has been home to untold millions over the years. I suppose I should be flattered that well over two dozen people have contacted me to ask, […]

Notacon 6 and Blockparty 3 —

[flickrset id=”72157617027312199″ thumbnail=”square”] I’ve been to all six Notacons and I’ve co-run all three Blockparties. This year, things moved to a new hotel and while the new hotel had some oddities and rough patches, it was so much better a place as to be a whole new event. And for Blockparty itself, my attempt to […]

The Delight of Fuzzy Memory —

Back in the mid 1990s, when the Emulation Craze really kicked in and before MAME flattened the playing field once and for all, we had a lot of emulators out there. Some were single-purpose: they emulated a single video game, and generally very well. Others were multi-machine, usually focusing on a set of games that […]

The Presentation Presentation —

The other main “guy on stage in a room addressing an audience” presentation I did at Notacon this past weekend was a little stranger. But maybe you’ll dig it. (Here’s a link to the page if the embedded player doesn’t work.) Here’s how it came about. I’ve attended a lot of presentations, watched them online […]

Super Mario Presentation 64 —

For two weeks, I was off the air as far as this weblog was concerned. Oh, but have no fear, readers… have no fear at all. I’ve been generating what might be called a “lot of content”. Today’s bit is just the beginning. I am just back from Blockparty at Notacon, the 3rd edition, which […]

XORcon and Chiptunes —

Spent a nice little day (or part of it) at XORcon, an impromptu (by most standards) conference held in an august Harvard hall, and in which a few dozen people listened to a few other people talk about a range of eclectic subjects. I took some photos, but they’re pretty universally terrible. Here’s one to […]

Brick and Morte —

While we’re on the subject of Flack O’Hara, he wrote a weblog entry recently about an unnecessary trip he took cross country for some training (the training was necessary but he doesn’t fly, so he has to drive the distances) and nestled amongst amusing stories of poor food, weird hotels and the experience of driving, […]