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PinPin, Or The Fun Injection —

I found myself at the Lyons Arcade in Colorado in the company of Robb Sherwin and Dayna Rich, two people I’d met in person just earlier that day. Robb had been interviewed for Get Lamp, and the two of them had impulsively come along with me on my next stop, to interview the owner of […]

Halfway —

Hello distance learning consultants! I’m looking forward to providing telepractice services for your students. I’m an experienced SLP who uses software and apps to increase the intensity of therapy without driving up the cost. Send the Contract Details to your Accounting Department in One Click After you fill this in, you will automatically get a […]

Eviction, or the Coming Datapocalypse —

A terrible thing happened recently. You might have missed it. AOL Hometown, which itself was actually a combination of a bunch of previously acquired websites, shut down. It shut down on October 31 of this year. If you try to go to a site that used to be hosted there, you are forwarded to a […]

Undistilled Amazing —

Fine, I’m prone to writing some pretty negative things. Let’s spend a quick respite with me marvelling over a site done right. To qualify with me for being a site that’s above and beyond, you have to fulfill some pretty deranged criteria. First of all, you have to do something few others can do. Next, […]

Circle of Jerks —

I get angry like fire gets burning. Ask around. In some ways, this is a helpful trait. Get my anger going, the really good cherry-colored flames of pissed-offedness, and I will mount a juggernaut assault leaving the anger-inducing party absolutely miserable. You can be assured that I will follow through on my anger and turn […]

Bring On the Pain #4: Undercover —

The aforementioned project for digital distribution of BBS Documentary is not dormant or dead; I’ve sent out a bunch of packages. The reason I’m holding back from going “I’m going to mail to this place and that place” on this weblog is mostly because I say the most awful things about everyone at long stretches […]

The Holiday Rush —

I’ve got quite a busy amount of projects for this upcoming couple of weeks. The movie is getting a lot of love, in the form of direct editing time. I expect to have days where I’m doing nothing but editing for 12 hours at a stretch. Hopefully this will lead to some workable sequences and […]

Never Shutting Up —

With the reboot of the ASCII weblog comes a chance, via these new tools dropped in my lap, to compile some information and lists I should have compiled quite some time ago. With the whole process so simple and enjoyable, I’ve got a rough version of one of the first of these, a list (with […]


The creators of  ROFLcon just announced me as one of the speakers at a mini-event in New York City they’re calling ROFLthing-NY.  They already ran a post-ROFLcon event called “ROFLthing-SF” in San Francisco earlier this year and now they’re doing one at a fun little nightspot in January. (I’ve seen links where people go “Wow, […]


A lot of people are telling me about, which purports to be an archive of the yearly catalogs put out by Radio Shack, a chain of electronics stores (now not quite so much) dating back to 1921. (You can read an excellent history of this store chain on the official Radio Shack Corporation Site.) […]