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TeeVee —

The most common question I recieve about the documentary, and I mean hands-down, is something along the variant of “Are you going / trying to put the documentary on PBS?” It ranges, sometimes with “PBS” being “TechTV/G4” or “IFC” or “Sundance” or the like. But the general question (asked over a hundred times, at this […]

All The Podcasts: It Continues —

It was 4 months ago that I announced I was collecting all the podcasts. I figured we were about due for a further update. The main reason I mentioned this project on my weblog was because it was something around the tenth time I’d set off on a major collecting project, and it made sense […]

The Dedications —

This is the first of a series of documents covering stuff I consider “Behind the Scenes” or “About the Production”. They’ll range from analysis of the process of interviews, to trivia and other facts that aren’t on the DVD. It’s not because I didn’t think them important or worthy of being on the DVD; I […]

Getting a Hold of Reviews —

I have a lot of letters in my mailbox like this: Dear Jason, I cannot really put into words how amazed I am by the work you did on the documentary. Never in my entire life have I ever been so blown away. The music. The interviews. The information. Was all perfect. I watched every […]

Why Is Today Not Like What It Was Like? —

I didn’t write this; it was submitted to me to go into the Historical Essay portion of But I like it so much, at his attempt to not just recount his past but understand exactly what was so special about it, that I’m putting it here, too. This document attempts to answer a fundamental […]

So You Warezed The Documentary —

It’s always a weird line you cross when you do this kind of stuff, but I thought about it and I added a donation page for the BBS documentary. Specifically, this is for the well-past-a-thousand(!) people who have downloaded episodes off of torrent sites. You really have three choices when dealing with torrent sites: accept […]

I’m Shocked! Truly SHOCKED! —

Well, finally someone turned the Documentary into a “ware”. I was getting a bunch of hits from a site with a forum, and after going on it and registering, I found that it was a torrent/tracker site with a forum for posting new torrents for download. As per my luck, one of the members of […]

What a Week —

I knew when the documentary hit the streets, I’d have to hit the ground running. I didn’t realize the running would then continue and I’d never be able to stop any time soon. It’s now been a couple weeks of release, and I am over here going in a thousand different directions, handling many related […]

Dream Becomes Reality: A Mail Call —

The manifest/tracking information had indicated that my “appointment” to meet my freight was at 6pm on Monday. Imagine my surprise (and my choice of clothing) when in fact it was 10am. The FedEx guy came to my front door and behind him, a semi was blocking the road outside my house: It seemed to make […]

Letter, Response —

Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2005 13:31:02 -0400 From: XXXXXXXXXXXXX To: Subject: BBS documentary Good Afternoon, I am the Media Resource Specialist with the XXXXXX District School Board in XXXXXX. I am interested in obtaining a copy of the BBS documentary for our media centre, but must first know if the DVD comes with Public […]