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Cog, or the Resume —

The short form of this weblog entry is that I am looking for employment, and would like the job to be one that is happy to hire me.  If you are a concern or entity that might consider hiring me, please mail me and I’ll send along my resume to you. Questions or simple non-committal […]

Speaking: Arse Elektronika —

I will be in San Francisco on October 1-4, attending the Monochrom-and-others-sponsored event, Arse Elektronika. If you check the schedule, you will see that I am speaking on October 2nd, at the Center for Sex and Culture, and that my talk will be entitled “Atomic Porn: What is the smallest particle of erotica?”. Make of […]

What TV is Like —

Your limo is waiting for you at 7:15 in the morning. After a 45 minute drive, the french-canadian limo driver will then take you to the lobby of the TV station, which is near nothing. The lobby will look like this: The historian in you, which nobody cares about today, is pleased that a TV […]

Back from Toronto —

Even with unemployment, life goes on, especially life you planned before you became unemployed. As a result, I spent most of the last week in Toronto. Besides a television appearance and a speaking engagement at a conference I didn’t go out of my way to mention, I also attended the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), […]

A Simple Survey —

I don’t like doing short, one-off entries, but the nature of a survey is you don’t pollute it with too much verbiage, lest you end up pushing people in weird directions. That said, I’d like to invite people who think they might buy my next documentary to take a survey over on the GET LAMP […]

Reformatting The Lamp —

I get a lot of ideas. Some of them are not very good, like I bet I can drive without completely scraping all the snow off this windshield, or the classic I probably don’t have to wait a couple minutes before pulling this out of the microwave. Other ones are pretty good, like hey, let’s […]

Blu-Ray Still Blows —

Some time ago I wrote an entry that got some attention about the Blu-ray format and why I refuse to release anything on it. It’d be nice to release the text adventure documentary in what Blu-Ray claims to be, but reality showed it not to be the case. I was alerted recently to the fact […]

Destruction Orders, For Example —

So, in scanning thousands of pages of Infocom history, the next question is what use this all might have. As it stands, I can give an extremely obscure example. Likely you’re going to be left with the same impression you previously had; that is, you will continue to think what I’ve been doing is a […]

The Forgotten Chain —

Recently, I swapped a lot of my stuff to gmail. Let’s address this immediately: What? Jason Scott switched to a “cloud” service? Well, no, I’m paying Google for this service and they’ve demonstrated excellent uptime, except when they haven’t. But I am paying them (and Flickr, and a bunch of other services) when I use […]