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Creative Commons and The Money —

OK, so everyone wants to know how I’ve made out so far with my whole releasing the BBS Documentary as a Creative Commons thing. And by “made out”, they mean of course “made money”. As in “Did you make any? Or were you ravaged like a mid 1990s FTP site with a Lucasarts Game uploaded […]

Vintage Computer Festival —

Before I mention next weekend, let me just say that about 200 people have already signed up for a “let me know when you’re working on GET LAMP and when it’s available” list. That was within a few days of announcement. I’ve also been contacted by roughly two dozen people who worked in text adventures […]

There is a Shiny Brass Lamp nearby —

I’ve been coy enough for too long. The next documentary I am working on is about Text Adventures, or Interactive Fiction. It is called “Get Lamp”. It has a introductory website (GETLAMP.COM) and I’ve been noodling with it for about 3 years. I got serious about it in June and have been spending significant time […]

Hungry —

I think when I first starting doing this weblog after my BoingBoing stint, I was going to focus my efforts on doing just massive essays on aspects of digital history… basically having a kind of boiler where I would throw out stuff that didn’t have any other place to discuss it. A lab, if you […]

Lord British in Space: A pledge —

It may not be known by many, but Richard Garriott/Lord British, creator of the Ultima series of role-playing games, has also been a fundamental part of an organization called Space Adventures. This organization was what interacted with the Russian space agencies to make Space Tourism a reality, where private citizens could experience the incredible wonder […]

The Future of Pinball —

I have forgotten how I initially heard about this documentary, but Greg Maletic has been working for a number of years on a film about the last gasp of Williams Pinball, the Pinball 2000 system. His film The Future of Pinball is very nearly finished. He was kind enough to send me a DVD of […]

Redlighted —

Shortly, I’ll go into a little bit of detail about the next documentary I’m doing. But I figured I’d mention what I’m not doing, first. The BBS Documentary was a mission and a crusade: capture a history that was so important (to me and others) and do it before the people involved were gone. Mission […]

We’re Not Selling Out! We’re Buying In! —

The purchase of my friend waxy by Yahoo for his website he worked on with others called makes me again contemplate the whole money thing. Always an interesting thing to do, although potentially depressing. As you might guess or have heard, loses money. Absolutely sprays it out the door. Initially because it was […]