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Engagements —

I am speaking at DEFCON this year. It’ll be about text adventures, my documentary, and hopefully some example footage from the new film. That’s in August. No idea what day within that, and more than once the day/time’s been changed in the program, then changed once more. So not much details other than it’ll be […]

Escaping The Escapist —

Recently, Escapist Magazine won one of those most chummy of awards, the Webby. I can’t pretend to know the exact manner and approach the “Webbys” take to choosing the winner of each set of candidates, but no doubt votes and cries from the web-browsing public are somewhat involved. I will contend that the reason for […]

How It Goes —

It goes like this. Outside of my health, I have to maintain items in three realms: data, physical, and mental. In the realm of data, that’s things like e-mail, files, disk drives, sets, and the arrangement of these therein. I might have an inbox that makes your eyes water or a pair of terabyte hard […]

Last Health Update for a While —

Surely, these health updates of mine are getting old and tired. Like me. I should put a “is dead/not yet dead” status message somewhere and leave it at that. I don’t have the will to add a current health status/statistic “widget” thing, either. Widgets, by the way, are a classic textbook example of someone not […]

Before the LOL Now Available —

Apparently the full content of my talk I gave at ROFLcon, “Before the LOL”, has become available. The collection of files provides a raw recording of my presentation. Here’s a clickable jukebox that provides: I suppose I could fill this entry with all sorts of additional commentary about what I was going for or […]

The Divided States —

For today’s prize, you get a free rough idea for a role-playing/strategy game. It comes with many bonuses, including the requirement to research if it hasn’t already been done, the process of implementing a ruleset that’s functional, and the years of refinement and marketing. It’s foolproof! Some time ago, and by some time ago I […]

The Power Spot —

A lot of interesting subjects or exploratory pathways reveal themselves in my projects or research, but not all can be handled at the time. Most certainly can’t be explored to a great depth when they’re more about contemporary social commentary; life certainly has enough of that piling up. But during one interview back half a […]

Dramatic Pause —

I met Jason at a top floor of the Caesar’s Palace shopping center in Las Vegas. We’d hung out the rest of the weekend in Vegas, but we snuck in another nice meal at a restaurant he thought was great. It was great. We chatted and had some really great food and even some great […]

Death Packet! —

One of my favorite mail-based items arrived today in my post office box: a death packet! “Death Packet” is my little nickname for one of my BBS Documentary packages that heads out to a foreign land (in this case, the United Kingdom) and then makes its way through a variety of customs agents and mail […]

The Penalty Box —

I’ve been sick on and off for about a week. I don’t get sick often but when I do I take forever to get well again. It is never enjoyable to get sick, of course, but I have this additional feeling of missing out. Missing out from projects to work on, missing out on events […]