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BBS Documentaries Running Out —

Hey, I made a movie a while ago: When I first started putting together this project, I had hubris indeed, and ordered 5000 copies, which is what showed up. That was in May of 2005. Pre-orders were great – nearly 900. This paid for the duplication. After it came out, additional sales paid off the […]

Vector Tanks Extreme Trailer —

Oh how many times have I told you about how great Peter Hirschberg is? Many times indeed, come to think of it. I’ve mentioned this before; I really like when someone takes the qualities that made an older technology enjoyable, and updates it so a contemporary audience can enjoy it as well, even with the […]

5.25″ May Be Alive —

A while ago, I wrote an entry decrying the lack of ability to read 5.25″ floppies, a mainstay of computer data transfer for about 20 years. It seemed that the combination of it dying when it did and the proliferation of 3.5″ AND who knows what else meant there hadn’t been a commercial way to […]

So I Made a Movie —

OK, so if your printer is attached to your computer and you want to move your printer, detach the printer from the computer. Otherwise, this happens: As it turned out, the computer didn’t even disconnect from anything as it flew down and bounced off the scanner, but the anti-piracy technology of XP noticed the voltage […]

The Unexpected Smell Dimension —

Between the editing of GET LAMP and the hospital stay, January was a thin month for entries. Sorry about that. Tasks on GET LAMP are now becoming longer, with longer breaks. (This is good.) So I have some time to at least write a bit here and get into the swing of things. I wanted […]