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What’s New at the Ol’ Salt Mines —

Hey there! Haven’t really talked in a while. Been pretty busy. What with? Oh, speeches, presentations, editing and shooting some movies. You know, the usual? How’s that thing doing for me? Oh, it’s doing¬†fucking awesome, trust me. Best job I have¬†ever had. Great folks, great stuff. What have I been up to there? Oh, […]

Sony Vegas Media Bins: Not Ready for Prime Time —

Let me explain what’s going on with this entry. Summary: Most of you can ignore it. Perhaps it’s a reflection of how things have gone with online discourse, but I’m mostly posting this as a way of gaining search engine attention to the fact that Sony Vegas, the video editing software, has something called “Media […]

The Last of the GET LAMP Batch —

I figured you’re my loyal audience so you should know first – I turned around and realized I was down to the last 130 or so copies of GET LAMP. In other words, get your orders in as soon as you can to guarantee you get a copy of the original box+coin combination. I haven’t […]

Javascript Hero: The New Batch —

Dormant while my attention was focused on a few other matters, the Javascript MESS Project is coming back. And if you are ready, willing, and a coder, we need your help. If you don’t know what the Javascript MESS Project is, I wrote entries here and here about it. Oh, and here and here. I […]