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The Haters, The Haters —

This essay is not much about textfiles at all, though perhaps it’s entirely about textfiles. My work on my sites and documentary stem from several major drives: The desire to save a history I’m afraid is disappearing, the need to explain this history to folks who did not live through or personally experience the events […]

BBS Documentary Update —

In a move to allow people who are interested in my BBS Documentary to get news about it in a timely fashion without constantly hitting the website, I will be cross-posting news stories from the BBS Documentary site on this weblog. Updates happen once a month or less, so I don’t expect it to be […]

A Prayer for the Part-Time BBS —

Sometimes, there are aspects of history that are so obscure, so unusual, that they are forgotten even by people who were a part of that history. In the sphere of technology, you will often have the case of people being faced with a problem so easily overcome in later years that the fact that the […]

All Rights Reserved without Prejudice —

As might be expected, running a high-profile site like earns me a lot of grief and attacks from a number of quarters, legitimate and not so legitimate. It’s not a big deal, usually, just the price of existing in such a networked world. The most common reason is that in the course of adding […]

A Place Within The Company —

One of the nice benefits of studying a lot of history is that you start to see inevitable trends and patterns going across decades or centuries. This is in many ways comforting, because instead of feeling sad and forlorn that an apparently unique situation has passed, you know it will likely happen again. One such […]