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The Metadata Mania —

OK, now that I’ve gone pro with the archiving and I’ve been at it pretty hardcore for a few months, my programmer brain has kicked in and I’m trying to find inefficiencies and kill them so we end up with a ton of cool stuff online. I already know what I am and what I’m […]

Available for Speaking Engagements —

Here’s the deal. Like a lot of other people, I incurred some huge debt in the last 5-6 years, which then started to expand under the weight of compound interest, and which I then spent a lot of time on the phone negotiating to minimal interest and reasonable payoffs over time. It has been going […]

Experiment Successful! Two More GET LAMP Interviews —

So the initial experiment with Chuck Benton turns out to have been pretty successful – the resulting video is clear, clean, well-mic’d, and provides you pretty much all the relevant statements on the subject of GET LAMP-related ideas. Someone mentioned a cut-off here and there, and unfortunately it’s been too many years to know why […]

The First GET LAMP Interview Experiment —

During the shooting of the GET LAMP documentary, I generated what appears to be my stylistic mass of footage – over 120 hours of people talking about text adventures, early home computer software industry, inter-company politics, and a range of things about writing interactively. It was a huge range of subjects and of course only […]

The Hardcore Computist Collection —

If it’s not obvious already, one of the major parts of my work with the Internet Archive involves going after those very subjects, items and collections that would fit perfectly within its hallowed walls but which nobody with the items, or, has made the connection. I’m the connection. And I’m connecting. A lot of […]

Q&A: The Long Term Prospects —

As someone who is a computer historian and is into the whole data archival and preservation area, I thought you might be able to answer this question. We have some data, including precious family audio recordings from years ago, which we are currently keeping on several hard drives. If all copies were lost, this data […]

All Hands on the Two Hands Project —

A while ago, I mentioned that I had taken over editing of the Two Hands Project, a documentary about Hackerspaces that had been filmed in September of 2009. This was met with excitement from all sides, both the original filmmakers and from myself, because editing is lots of fun. I dumped all the tapes from […]