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A Karateka Korrection —

One piece of trivia did come up during Comic-Con I should probably hasten to mention, as it clarifies a theory/rumor I gave to a lot of other people about 10 years ago. There was a game released for the Apple II and many other platforms in the early 1980s called Karateka. It was written by […]

The Joker in the Line —

So I went to Comic-Con and I had a really wonderful time. I met a lot of my personal heroes, from back when I drew cartoons and fancied this as a future career, before I stopped doing so. They stayed my personal heroes of course; so getting to meet Al Jaffee, Frank Cho, Rick Geary, […]

HOPE Reigns Supreme —

More than I had expected, the HOPE conference turned out to be impeccably run, packed with interesting information, aflood with old friends and new, and another enjoyable experience for giving speeches and jumping on stage to say the usual stuff I say. Before I go into any details, I better get one aspect of the […]

The Reviews are In, a Tad Late —

“This guy needs an editor, Ritalin and a mirror. Not long ago, when a speaker combined marginal grooming with too-urgent, rambling & vulgar speechifying, he likely would have been dismissed as brain-addled, or a kook…or maybe a drunk. Nowadays, when the same disheveled, semi-coherent guy wangles a speaking gig at even a 3rd-tier industry event […]

My Speaking Final Boss —

Meet my speaking final boss. His name is r0ml, or actually, Robert Lefkowitz. Now, he’s not trying to beat me and certainly isn’t an enemy and he probably hasn’t given me a minute of thought since I encountered him nearly two years ago, but there haven’t been too many weeks since then that I haven’t […]

A Checkered Past —

A brand of car came back into my life again. May I present my newest car: This is a 1980 Checker Marathon, more commonly known as a New York Taxi, or “Holy God, That Thing Is Huge”. Over 20 feet long, comfortably seating nine adults (thanks to collapsible jumpseats) and sporting an 8 cylinder engine, […]

Noticing Burnt Computers —

In the television series Burn Notice, which I enjoy very much, the premiere episode for the second season of the show featured a computer room. This computer room inevitably required a later break-in, and in a sign of the series’ increased budget, the explosion/destruction of the computer room. The character and friend break into the […]

Vroom Meow —

Meet busy Jason. Busy Jason is getting a lot done but it’s not reflected in weblog entries. I have shot through 5 interviews in one week (unheard of for this production) and cut them up into usable pieces. I have begun assembling props and materials for second-unit shooting. I have also uploaded another 15 or […]