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A Cloud of Opinion —

As is often the case with Reddit, some random user randomly linked to one of my weblog entries. In this case, the Fuck the Cloud entry. And as is often the case with Reddit these days, it smeared any previous record of hits I ever got on the weblog, ever, since I started doing this, […]

Trailer for the Two Hands Project Documentary —

In two entries (one and two),  I mentioned I was editing the Two Hands Project, which is a documentary on hackerspaces.  I also, I hoped, made it clear that there’s a ton of priorities before it, including finishing editing work on the Going Cardboard documentary, and, you know, all this stuff with terabytes of data […]


A new review of GET LAMP has been posted, and it is not positive.  (Here’s a WebCitation link). I won’t even pretend to claim much knowledge of Auntie Pixelante, because I don’t really have much beyond having followed the weblog for the site for about a year, and keeping track of a lot of the […]

FaceLift (A Single Image) —

I don’t normally post “up to the minute” entries, but what the heck. Today, Facebook announced it was changing up, completely, how you interact with Facebook, including a whole range of profile adjustments, retrieval of random items from the past, and a whole new range of “partners” who will be shoving items into Facebook (and, […]

The Next Documentary —

The Next Documentary is actually three documentaries, and one of those documentaries is six documentaries. Now, you would think with my job at the Internet Archive and all my other projects and endeavors, I wouldn’t be into making another documentary. You especially would not expect me to be making three at the same time. Well, […]

The Sound of Pirate Radio —

Part of my work with the Internet Archive is writing weblog entries about parts of the whole crazy collections they have to expand knowledge of the mission out to greater realms of folks. I considered writing one on this exhibit/collection but decided it was just a little too far this side of weird, so it […]

Archive Team Talk Post-Mortem —

There’s enough going on both behind the scenes and onstage with the Archive Team talk at DEFCON, I think it functions on multiple levels as an explanation of speaking techniques, how I design presentations, and what the approach was for it.  You really should have watched the speech before reading this entry – here’s the […]

The Floodwaters Rise —

So this is what my job is and that’s pretty goddamned great. I am currently in a project to gather up scanned copies of every computer magazine or newsletter that has gone out of print. That’s what I’ve mostly been up to, and that’s where I am. As of this writing, I have put up […]