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So, very quickly. SOPA is just the latest in really stupid laws that are intended to change the very nature of online life (along with a lot of aspects of offline life) to bring the Internet in line with the “real world”, e.g., Shit. It was made by people trying to fundamentally change how this […]

Wikiwhatever (A Retirement) —

Since oh, January or thereabouts, I’ve had this entry about Wikipedia’s 10th anniversary sitting around. I actually write most of these entries as drafts and let them sit, then come back and touch them up and do what you do with actual writing. The entry sat there for a whole year, and I just deleted […]

Kickstarter: All I Know —

I’ve now done two kickstarters, and maybe I should talk about what I know. If you don’t know what Kickstarter is, then either you’re being sent to this weblog entry or something’s really gone out of whack, because I’ve mentioned the kickstarter campaigns I’ve run here extensively, as well as putting up the cute widgets […]

The Flood Never Ended (And a Pledge Drive) —

Still lovin’ the job at the Internet Archive.  I’m starting to forget I ever worked anywhere else and all those times I wasn’t enjoying myself. (I actually enjoyed myself a lot at the various jobs I used to have, but it was rarely because of the job itself.) I last posted that I’d added some […]

Dear Brian —

My somewhat legitimate position in the world as speaker, historian, archive dude and rabblerousing mascot means that it probably doesn’t do me any favors to do my really too easy to do slam of other people, out of the blue. But you know, sometimes I can’t help myself.  I wrote about this, sort of, a while […]

The Typewriter Test —

This past week, I went to visit my friend Chris Orcutt to test out the equipment I bought for the three documentaries I’m shooting. While I had already spent a lot of time researching what to get and had purchased 99% of what I needed, I wanted to do a dry-run shoot and see how […]