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Crossing Lines —

Only your buddies know exactly how to send you veering off the rails into completely well-tread, insane arguments that can last for hours or days if you let them. That’s why they’re your buddies. If they were your enemies, you’d be screwed. One good discussion that just pokes my emotional hornet’s nest with a stick […]

IFcomp —

As I work on the GET LAMP documentary, one of the things that keeps coming up is that Interactive Fiction/Text Adventures are a moving target. Even though to some people the subject might be closed and gone, trapped in historical amber, this just isn’t the case. There’s scattered groups of people composing, working on, and […]

Andgor —

There’s nothing like a good lesson. Well, except an expensive lesson. Or a lesson that can still make you go “oh yeah, that lesson” a full five years later. My lesson is Andgor. Ah yes, I was just a mere sprite those many years ago when I read on Slashdot a story about a concept […]

On the Occasion of Using the Xbox 360 —

I’ve had an XBOX 360 for about 3-4 months now. Here’s some sketched thoughts on it. It is very pretty, and its games can, if they try, be very pretty. Sound-wise, it is like parking a Tie-Fighter in my living room. Like a lot of other people, mine was built poorly. It died, not with […]

Why Tech Documentaries are Impossible —

Back in 2005, I gave a talk at DEFCON called “Why Tech Documentaries are Impossible (and why we have to do them anyway)”, which was about the documentary format, the lessons learned from the production of “BBS: The Documentary”. This was held on Sunday, which is just about the worst time for my voice on […]

Instant —

This entry was posted on September 27th. My job was simple: replace a couple USB hard drives on a server. The hard drives were sitting on top of the server. The server was high up in a cabinet. The cabinet had ventilation, in the form of a fan on the top of the cabinet plugged […]

Going Going Gone —

This entry was logged on September 26th. Many schoolteachers were poison to me, enough that at one point early in my academic career, a principal sat down with my parents and explained, in alll seriousness, that it would be best if I was transferred to another school, specifically a private one, to prevent my actions […]

A Great Gift —

This entry logged on September 26th. One of the greatest things to come out of my documentaries are friendships. I’ve interviewed hundreds of people. Some I would see randomly, in the middle of events. (This was what I’d try to do to prevent easy biases, which sort of worked.) And others I would make arrangements […]

Frontaclues(tm) —

The Frontaclues are provided to assist you with further enjoyment of the It Is Pitch Dark video. Have you found: The KOZMO.COM dropbox? The copy of the BBS Documentary? The 8″ Floppy version of Planetfall? The two Apple Lisas? The original artwork of Planetfall? The Wico Joystick? The cow-colored Macintosh SE? A copy of “Masterpieces […]

Mail Call —

I get interesting packages in the mail. These were all in separate auctions from one seller. I bought out most of his inventory. All are likely to go up on Some are probably pretty rare, others much less so. They range from shareware compilations to really crappy “game” compilations of demo/shareware versions of commercial […]