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Hardcoded —

35 might not seem like a very old age to some, but in many ways, it’s a good time for me to really decide what projects of mine are going to “happen”, which will not, and what, if any, new projects I should be taking on while I still have the energy and age of […]

Loose Film Ends —

None of the following concepts/ideas/paragraphs grew in my mind enough to warrant a decent weblog entry, so I’m grouping them together, like a lost hiking party, clinging to each other for warmth and hoping you’ll read them before the ice weasels come. There were a number of planned ideas at the beginning of BBS: The […]

Pud —

Philip J. Kaplan, “Pud” of (and a bunch of other sites) was interviewed for the BBS Documentary in 2002. I’ve now finally put his total interview up, and it’s definitely one of the more entertaining and hilarious ones, all the way through: It’s about 43 minutes, and you can tell in the first […]

The Best BBS Movie Ever Made —

The best dramatic movie about BBSes was created not in the 1980s, but last year, 2005. And it wasn’t a movie, it was a TV series. And it wasn’t made in the United States – it was made in Japan. It’s called Densha Otoko (Train Man), and in my opinion it is the best dramatization […]

Hacking the Scantron —

I have a page of webstats for all my sites. I occasionally check it to see if anything’s funky. Since the sites are all hosted in various places, I don’t necessarily notice if something gets hit until the fun is over. Such is the case when I found out that in 6 hours, over […]

Whoop de Shmoo —

Just finished my talk, which I gave to a dozen people. 12! Now, the main reason for this is because I was up against two high-visibility speakers (no seriously). You kind of can’t go to these things and not see Dan Kaminsky talk. Unless, of course, you’re in another room giving a speech. I recorded […]

The Adventurers’ Club (A Followup) —

Back in the beginning of December I offered membership in a little experiment I was trying out, what I called an “Adventurers’ Club”. Basically, the idea was that if someone sent me $100 towards my next documentary (which is likely years away), then they would get a copy of my current documentary, three copies of […]

Public Speaking —

I am speaking at Shmoocon next week, on Friday, in Washington, DC. The subject of the talk is “A History of Hacker Conferences”. I’m spending 5-10 hours a day working on it right now, and will get it in under the wire for the show. I’ve spoken what probably counts as “frequently”, over a dozen […]

Midphase Blows Goats —

Update in 2008: I was sent this letter in June of 2008. Back in 2004, I knew that if my BBS Documentary got a lot of attention or press, it would quickly overwhelm my net connection (a T-1) and that there were a large amount of hosting companies out there, who could give me simple […]

Exhibits and Phantom Access —

With the new year, I’m always trying to clean up a bunch of projects and promises I made myself, as well as removing stuff I’m not going to finish. Well, removing isn’t the word. I think the words are encapsulate and label. Let someone else have the fun of going through my stuff. Along that […]