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“If the guy who put out the Saw DVD, for instance, ever even so much as just looked at the packaging to this thing his eyes would catch fire and burst into lacrymotic slag.” —

Some time ago, I watched a message base on a site called mention my BBS Documentary, discuss it, and then go crazy that the thing was actually priced at $50. I found it funny enough that I sent the main complainer/admin of the site a free copy of the DVD set, with his complaints […]

Mentors —

I had a number of teachers of film throughout my formal education. If I was feeling generous I’d call them all mentors, but that’s not very accurate. I’ll just give them some generic nicknames to refer to them. My film teachers were Miss Arty, Mister Tech, Mister Burnt, The Life, and Dr. Antichrist Fuckface. I […]

The Owl Ball —

For about a year in 1995, I worked for a video game company called Psygnosis. This either makes you go “huh” or “oh wow”. I’m mostly talking to the “oh wow” crowd, here. I had a fantastic time. I was 25 years old and here I was working for one of my favorite companies to […]

Seven Bits No Waiting —

Of all the hacker radio shows that I keep track of, there’s a fellow by the name of Droops who helps drive a number of interesting shows. Sometimes he just helps in the background and sometimes he’s right there at the fray. One of the shows, which is a really clever idea, is called “Talk […]

Sudden View —

It’s kind of rare that I’m contacted by people simply because they assume I love text and the manipulation of it. That is, it’s one thing to go “here’s some old computer stuff, you would like it” and another for someone to go “as someone who can appreciate the creation and manipulation of text, you […]

Notapedia —

I attend a number of conferences over the months, usually as a speaker and sometimes as an attendee, hanging out, talking, having a good time. I wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be speaking at a convention called Notacon. Notacon is going to be held in Cleveland, Ohio and will feature a bunch of […]

One. Million. Files. —

A little milestone went by in the last day or so: my site has now surpassed 1,000,000 files hosted. (Actually, more like 1,029,000 and growing, but still, a friggin’ million.) I don’t really go out of my way to talk about that site all that much, mostly because of the fact that it’s a […]

The Adventurers’ Club —

I’ve opened up a little experiment, a little idea today. It’s called “The Adventurers’ Club” and here’s how it works. The next documentary, GET LAMP, is about text adventures. The equipment I used to shoot the BBS Documentary is a bit long in the tooth, and there’s been a lot of advancement in the 4 […]