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A Torrent of Attention —

It has been an interesting few days. Creating the archive of Geocities content from the Archive Team’s collection took my machine roughly 10 days to compress. The resultant collection of .7z files is 642 gigabytes, expanding out to 909 gigabytes. Then I began creating the actual .torrent file, which is merely a collection of pointers […]

Goodbye to VK7AX BBS —

I have a number of scans running in RSS feeds to let me know about stuff related to my movies, projects, and people chit-chatting about me.  I also have a scan watching for the words “BBS” and “Bulletin” in them, which more often than not scoop up references to “Bulletin Board Systems”.  It does a […]

Historian!! —

The stack of huge boxes on my door containing this material heralded an important milestone in my life: my first assignment as a professional historian/archivist. From the official announcement: To celebrate ‘GDC 25’, the conference organizers have appointed an official historian for the show in the form of noted technology archivist Jason Scott, known for […]

A Softwear Archive —

Sometimes, when you’re an archivist of my stripe, your tools don’t just include computers – sometimes they include something like this: And really, you better have a truck when you drive down to the local post office with your “fuck if we’re going to deliver this” yellow slip and come up against this waiting pile: […]

Archiveteam! The Geocities Torrent —

Well, here we are on October 26th, 2010. Can it really be a year ago that Archive Team had dozens of people assaulting Yahoo’s servers desperately trying to save disappearing history? Well, let’s be frank — not disappearing history, but in fact history being actively and quickly destroyed on purpose.  I mean, it’s not like […]