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Destroying the History to Save It —

Hi Jason, I have a question for you, I’m hoping you can help me decide what to do. I have a lot of vintage computer magazines and books. Not Information Cube level “lots”, but still, boxes and boxes of them.  A lot of this stuff is destined for and Some of it, I […]

Tim —

When I closed down the first incarnation of my BBS and went to college, I got contacted by a young BBS user who’d enjoyed my board when it was still up, and asked if he could continue it. He did, and The Works BBS lived on for another solid decade before being dormant for the […]

Where is Dor Sageth? —

A fan wrote the following letter, which I’m including in its entirety. They’re right, this game appears to have completely disappeared and can’t be found. But maybe some kind souls can help. As I and others add more and more information, perhaps more knowledge about the game can arrive – but I’m pretty sure the […]

The BBS Documentary Reborn —

Late last year I realized a very awesome problem. It turned out that the BBS Documentary, my little flick from 2005, was in real danger of running out of copies. Way back when, I ended up having to decide how many copies were going to be printed up, I chose the number of 4,500, figuring […]

The RSS Problem —

So, I have a pretty major problem with the feed. It doesn’t update in a lot of clients. It updates in others. But my readership is wondering if I died. I’m working hard to figure out what’s going on, but it takes time – if previous situations are any indication, it’s some sort of ass-kicking […]

Information Cube Packing —

So how’s that information cube coming, anyway? Well, structurally, that cube’s doing pretty darn well. It’s been solid, watertight, continually huge, and quietly has done its job since I got it in early 2010. It has also been packed up pretty hard, and some items had drifted or gone into the house, where they were […]