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Before the LOL: Rocketboom Mix —

The talk I gave at ROFLcon, “Before the LOL”, was captured by several entities. There were some internal videographers streaming me to the net at large via the Ustream service, and there was also Rocketboom, a weekday video weblog that puts up little hacked up films about people, places, things. Here is the remix of […]

Flickr-y Flood —

As promised, I dumped a bunch of stuff on Flickr. And by bunch of stuff, I mean a lot of stuff. Something like 1,200 photos so far, with another thousand likely to make it on there. Like I mentioned previously, I think this is way too much for anyone to get much out of it […]

ROFLcon (After) —

OK, in a word: ROFLcon was fantastic. Many other words come to mind: Perfection. Delight. Surprise. Thrills. Variety. Triumph. Every positive adjective I can think of, superlative words on the bottom of my bag that have not seen the light of day in many months, come out with fervor and stick to ROFLcon’s side with […]

Poptastic Quiz —

OK, here’s your homework. Suffer, if you have the inclination, through this episode of “Boing Boing TV”, a regular feature of the Boing Boing weblog, which discusses the upcoming film Speed Racer, a special-effects laden summer blockbuster from the makers of the Matrix Trilogy. (The episode is entitled “Speed Racer is “poptimistic”: interview with John […]

Hacker Photos: The Unexpected Return —

Editing clips of video means a lot of time rendering them out. While this goes on, I have time to make a few other things happen. One of them is clearing out some of my junk drawers and putting it up to a more accessible position. Among the stuff I grabbed a long time ago […]

Your Tour Guide Future —

I’m putting something like a thousand images and scans up on Flickr. I guess that’s interesting. The concept, of course, is interesting to a certain segment of people. Oh wow, a thousand images, and Jason tends to collect neat historical stuff, so it’ll be a thousand images of neat historical stuff. Oh wow, they will […]

The Secret Cost of the Database —

I made a discovery the hard way over the years, in the way one doesn’t like to make discoveries. That is, I made the finding that database maintenance is hard. Oh, sure, laugh at me and my vital announcement of a thing well known, but there’s a more sharp edge to the coin besides just […]

99% —

Going through the process of making a documentary a second time causes me to come face to face with a few situations I’d forgotten about. You tend to gloss over stuff, and forget some of the sharp edges. I guess it’s how we cope. Anyway, I have drives of footage, which include stuff that has […]

Silly Jim Leonard —

Oh, Trixter, you silly person. You work yourself up into such sadness while life has handed you nothing but jewels and treasure. You state dreams and projects you feel could not be finished, to feel like your life is going to be a series of incomplete projects choking your days and filling them with regrets. […]

Adventurespiele —

Hey, did you know I can speak German? Neither did I! “Ich habe vorher ein paar Jahre an einer Dokumentation uber Mailbox-Systeme (BBS) gearbeitet und als ich damit fertig war, merkte ich, dass ich viele Fahigkeiten aufgebaut hatte, die ich noch woanders einsetzen konnte.” OK, fine, I was translated from english answers I gave. That […]