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The Calibration —

I made the relatively hard decision not to have Vista in my home. This is tough for me, because I’ve been using Windows computers as my front-end to my stuff for over 10 years, and I have done an awful lot of work on that operating system family. Walking away has the potential to be […]

The Wikireporter —

For reasons that become less clear with each passing day, I have a feed coming from Wired News. I think part of it is a nostalgia regarding how Wired used to be when I first stumbled upon it when I was 24, and the other part is that over time I’ve appeared in it. And […]

Lyons Pinball —

I had a very successful weekend in Colorado. I got to interview two interactive fiction authors for GET LAMP, and even got in an interview with an arcade owner for the arcade documentary. As previously stated, if I can fit in something for ARCADE, I do it, but never at the cost of a text […]

The Very, Very, Very Long Tail —

Like a lot of people on the web since 1993, I have a semi-static defunct webpage about myself located on my website. (I think the fact I own the domain COW.NET also indicates how long I’ve been around.) On the COW.NET page about myself, I welcome people who are browsing, and invite them to […]

Fear —

I hated a lot about the middle school I was transferred into in 7th grade. This is good, because there really was so much to hate, and it was best to get started on that right away. But let’s focus on two things: computers and fear. The school had a computer lab, like a lot […]

Rock on Out to the Blockparty —

Yes, somehow I’m still finding the time to continue efforts on Blockparty, the demo-party-in-the-US that I’m an organizer for. The website has a bunch of information about it, and further updates are happening shortly. Avid readers of this weblog will recall that I went off about this big project just a short while ago. If […]

Quag7’s State of the BBS, 2006/2007 —

I am posting Quag7’s amazing entry in the 80sBBS mailing list on my weblog, because of the sheer amount of work and thought that went into it, and the issues it brings up. About 6 months ago I took a tour of approximately 40 modern BBSes. I had a nice HTML article I was writing […]

A Sysop, Forever —

I often get updates to the Historical BBS List I’ve been maintaining since 2001. Sometimes it’s just changes in time span or sysop name; other times it’s the addition of an essay or story someone remembers about their own or someone else’s BBS. I get, now, five years later, an average of 4-5 every day. […]

Six Days a Week —

So that’s the question obviously being posited on this weblog: can I create something worth reading, roughly six days a week? I’ll end up getting behind, but I intend to keep this up until I run out of things to say, subjects to cover. I’ll try not to repeat myself, try not to fall into […]

169 —

It’s about 11pm when I’m finished talking with David. The interview started at 7pm, with me unpacking all the equipment and setting up the shot the best I could, and then interviewing on and off for about an hour. Then I packed and we talked about text adventures and future ideas and the production, and […]