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The MUD Archives: It’s About Goddamned Time —

OK, just a few days into my Archiving position at, I think we’ve had enough time before I start initiating new projects. In’s realm, you can add “items”, which can be movies or books or software or what have you. You can then put those items into a “collection”, which is where you […]

The Splendiferous Story of Archive Team —

I figured I’d show you what I wrote as notes for my presentation at the Internet Archive. The audio from this presentation is here. (20min, 28mb). PRESENTATION BY JASON SCOTT PERSONAL DIGITAL ARCHIVING CONFERENCE 2011 FEBRUARY 24, 2011 INTERNET ARCHIVE, SAN FRANCISCO HEADQUARTERS There is nothing more tiring than an activist. They’re boring in conversation, […]

This is Fairly Big News —

Let’s just cut to the excellent, ass-kicking chase. This month, I was offered and accepted a job. ┬áThe job’s title is “Archivist” and the office is here: That is in fact the main office of the Internet Archive, yes, that Internet Archive, and yes, this has really happened. You’re either indifferent, delighted, or reeling, so […]

GET LAMP San Francisco Showing Tonight —

OUT OF NOWHERE comes a viewing. Well, OK, they scheduled this a while ago but for some reason I don’t tend to announce these showings on this weblog. But, why not. I am in San Francisco, and the San Francisco Bay Interactive Fiction Users’ Group is having a showing of GET LAMP, with me attending […]