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All Hail the Cube —

Here’s one of those weird coincidence things dealing with my early history with computers. It was a huge deal when I was 13 and my dad took us to California. I’d never been to California, and when I went there, this land of Atari and Apple, I was just amazed by it. I still am. […]

GET LAMP Artwork —

Just wanted to dip my head in a second. Editing, as discussed previously, so basically on break from writing weblog entries, but another part of production came to fruition and is announced on the Inventory weblog for GET LAMP. I hired an excellent artist, Lukas Ketner, to do an inside cover in the style of […]

Head Down —

January’s a wash. I mean, not really a wash for me, per se, but as far as outward appearances go, I am sure I appear to be dead. This weblog hasn’t really been updated, I’ve not been throwing out a ton of new stuff, I went to the hospital… it’s all because of the movie. […]

Sideline —

So, there I was editing a movie and being a historian. Around Tuesday, I started to feel a little unwell. I decided to take some rest. Later in the day, though, I REALLY felt unwell, and began a torrid lost few days involving a bathroom, an overused bed, and quite interesting dreams. After a few […]