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Each New Boot a Miracle —

This week, we got the emulation of MS-DOS programs (mostly) working on the Internet Archive. Up to now, every single emulated system has been via the JSMESS project, which supports well over 600 systems and which does a hell of a bang-up job on it. The fact that one system (MESS) emulates everything from an […]

The Tourist, The Researcher, The Maniac —

This year was primarily about software, specifically collecting and emulating it. That went well. Asked what my goals or projects are for work for the next year (2015), I have resolved that it will be cleaning up and making it easier to go through the mountain of material in the Internet Archive’s stacks. Naturally, I’ll […]

Pain —

Somewhere around the age of 26, I woke up and couldn’t really get out of bed. The reason, in the immediate, was that any attempt to put weight on my legs sent shooting pains through them. Real, intense, shooting pain like there were rods lodged inside the legs and they sent out shocks when they […]