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Echoes of Life —

Dr. Hasegawa-San: This message is for your father, who I have not met but whose work and efforts have saved my life. In 1996, my friend sold me his 1988 Toyota Corolla for $200, essentially as a gift, to celebrate my finally becoming a driver. (I learned to drive at 25, having avoided it as […]

Goodbye, Milky —

Without a doubt, the absolute worst way to find out about someone’s death is through referrer logs. Among the people I interviewed for the documentary were a couple in Toronto, who for the purposes of identification were called “Milky and Liz”. We talked about diversi-dials (ddials), early BBS culture, BBS meets, and a whole other […]

Kick My Ass —

I am very sad today. I have two big piles in my life: unfinished projects to do, and unfinished media to absorb. The piles are huge, because I acquire a lot of stuff and I get a lot of ideas. One of the pieces in the unfinished project is a novel. I’ve had this novel […]

The Documentary was SO worth making. —

Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 19:29:46 -0400 To: Subject: Okay, I admit it! Jason, I’d seen your BBS documentary mentioned on Slashdot in the past, and after a recent post about it, I decided to go to your site to see about purchasing it. After all, I spent about a decade of my life […]

Rumspringa —

I don’t know why it took me so long to finally announce this idea; I had it back in June but then life got a little busy. gets a lot of visitors. A LOT. Hundreds of thousands. And I get a lot of nice mail from a lot of people. Also, I like to […]

The BBS Documentary Interview Collection —

Well, Waxy showed his usual talent for sniffing out dropped hints and figured out that I referenced the BBS Documentary raw footage going onto over time. Since that little kitty’s out of the box, let me give clarifications. I’m actually more concerned about releasing raw footage while the documentary is in “sales cycle” than […]

Statement of Work —

I was browsing around for mentions of the documentary, and found a nice lively discussion about the documentary’s scope and range on a usenet newsgroup, alt.bbs.synchronet. Here’s the thread I found. It’s an interesting one, because it kind of captures everything that I’ve really been proud of as well as most everything I’ve been criticized […]