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Five Years of Great Failure —

A little over five years ago, I wrote an essay and put it on my weblog, talking about Wikipedia. After that essay came a number of essays, including an example entry, a bunch of predictions, a for-dummies version, and the occasional comment on current events within the Wikipedia space.  I also gave presentations about my […]

Metafuckers —

I dream of a time when I won’t have to write things like this. When I can focus on uplifting, informative posts or essays or speeches in which I talk about neat stuff I’ve found, or connections I’ve tracked down, or some crazy hilarious thing that happened that I want to share with you. But […]

Where The Hell Is Jason —

…Jason is Editing. Just no way around it. The remainder of this month and most of January are going to be pretty light in terms of weblog postings. When I do “real” ones, that is, ones with a beginning, middle, and end and which present some position or information and then researched as deep as […]

WizzyWIG Volume 3 is Coming: Volume 1 and 2 for Free —

I already wrote reviews of WizzyWIG Volume 1 and WizzyWIG Volume 2, Ed Piskor’s fun stew of hacking and phreaking history put out in a graphic novel format.  If you didn’t read them or don’t remember the gist of them, it was archivist/historian guy really liked these things, and that opinion hasn’t changed on subsequent […]

Pistol Pete —

Pete Chiola died on November 9th. If you were lucky, you knew him. If you weren’t lucky, let me make you a little more lucky. Depending on the nature of a divorce and the circumstances afterwards, and the age of any children and a whole bunch of factors, the addition of new strangers into your […]

GET LAMP Pre-Orders Now Open —

Yes, it’s time. Thanks to the generosity of 350 people, I’ve been able to work on things that matter to me and really stretch out my days with all my projects. So I can announce: GET LAMP, my documentary on text adventures, is going to be released in March of 2010. Right now I’m focusing […]

Speaking at Shmoocon 2010: ARCHIVE TEAM! —

I have had a talk accepted for Shmoocon 2010, held in Washington DC on February 5-7. The topic, I’m happy to say, will be Archive Team, that little project I got wrapped into earlier this year. This was a talk I had proposed for CCC 26, but their absolutely terrible paper submission site gave me […]

Solving the Town Problem —

The BBS List project, which has a long and storied history for me and helped inspire what eventually came the BBS Documentary, has grown quite well over the years.  From its initial slashdotting, it’s become incredibly popular, with additional listings added by the day. (Over 105,000 BBSes and counting). Something had always driven me nuts, […]

3 Million Files on CD.TEXTFILES.COM —

Yes, that’s right, it’s official: After hitting the one million file mark in December of 2005 and passing the two million mark a few years later, we’re now at over 3,000,000 files on, my shareware and shovelware collection. I’ve ranted about this thing consistently for years – it’s one of my favorite projects. For […]

Unpublished Article on Geocities —

I was asked by someone working for a Very Big Newspaper to write something to appear in the Very Big Newspaper.  Told I needed it in within a couple days and definitely by morning of a Thursday, I pulled an all-nighter and composed the writing as well as ensuring had a copy. It is […]