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Hey, Thanks —

Here’s a nice (unsolicited) recent review of the flick: I cannot speak highly enough of this film, and when I heard that it existed I couldn’t order it fast enough. What director Jason Scott has done is catalogue a piece of history that is otherwise ignored by documentations. He’s chronicled the development, rise and fall […]

Interview by Leahpeah —

This interview was conducted by last week. The original is here: Jason Scott, creator of, has created an archive that is constantly growing and changing. There are always people sending in new files for him to place into the massive collection he started from nothing. Work of this quality is only found […]

Limits —

This weblog finally got a little thing attached to it: now you have to type in a keyword (it’s currently “ascii” but it’ll change) to post your comment. It’s a slight annoyance, relatively, with an extra weird step just to say something to me and to people who read this weblog. But the fact is, […]

Pundit and Production —

I still remember her like it was just a day or two ago, instead of five years. I was at a 2600 meeting in Boston. 2600 meetings are loose hacker get-togethers ostensibly organized or blessed by 2600 magazine, but which range wildly in approach, context, and usefulness. What they often serve as are ways to […]

Seriously, Fuck Katie Hafner —

In case I show up in her article anyway, here’s my sum total of e-mail communication, in history, with reporter Katie Hafner of the New York Times: Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2006 13:47:20 -0700 From: Katie Hafner To: Subject: Fwd: wikipedia story for ny times > hi jason, > i’m working on a story […]