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The Javascript MESS Enters Beta —

Been working a long time towards this moment. A lot of good people working on a lot of good code, and helping each other towards this insane goal. JSMESS is in open beta. Four game consoles and one computer are supported. Many more are coming. I first postulated this was possible in October of 2011, […]

See Also —

As I indicated, my response to the loss of my friend Aaron has been to throw everything I do into high gear. Terabytes have been uploaded to, lots of backlog has been knocked back, and plans are being made at an enormous clip. 2013 is shaping up to be a very accomplishing year for […]

My Buddy Aaron —

My buddy Aaron Swartz hung himself on Friday.   Try to imagine a ball of energy, whipping around, looking for somewhere to strike, somewhere to hit, somewhere to find a stopping point or grand finale. Ultimately, just coming to a standstill because there’s just no real place to end up – a miserable standstill. That’s […]

Documenting it at MAGfest —

I attended MAGfest this past weekend. It’s a festival with thousands of people, held in the Northern Virginia/Maryland area, and packed with music, anime and videogames. Lots of videogames. It was also the first Games on Film festival, where a film I made (GET LAMP), a film I edited (Going Cardboard), and a pile of […]


Everybody needs a new year’s resolution. Most of them also need to follow through. I am going to try both. It’s a simple one, too: “By the end of 2013, change online computer history forever.” I’ve been working at the Internet Archive for nearly two years now, every day better than the last, with memories […]