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The Bat of Good Tidings —

Well, it has been quite an interesting few days. I knew that when I was heading down into the abyss of this production that I’d probably get hit across the face a few times with the Bat of Unexpected Tidings. I’ve been hit with said bat as expected, and picked myself when it came crashing […]

An Interview with Krakowicz —

This interview will also be on the main site, to join the archive. TEXTFILES.COM: AN INTERVIEW WITH KRAKOWICZ Conducted by Jason Scott, February, 2005 It’s hard for me not to sound superlative about Krakowicz, and there’s a good set of reasons why. He is a member of a relatively small but memorable community, that […]

An Unusual Feature —

The BBS documentary DVDs may have something which hasn’t been tried before. I have subtitles in English (and in some places, Spanish as well), but I have a third subtitle set called “Non-Technical”. Basically, when people throw out terms that are completely from left field (“8-bit”, “Acoustic Coupler”, “8080”), the “Non-Technical” subtitles define them, at […]

The Wrapups —

MAKE IT PAY is now done. All of the episodes need a final run-through and re-render, mostly for extremely, extremely minor things, like a fade going a second too long or a spelling error in a title card. All of these are just one-off tweaks before final render. Last night, I sent mail to the […]

Home Stretch —

MAKE IT PAY is basically done. I need a few more shots of the inside of ONE BBSCON to make what people are saying about it more illustrative, but otherwise, the thing is pretty much nailed. This is the last of the episodes, and brings to a close “new” content, that is, episodes or footage […]