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Podcast Work —

I figure it’s worth it to describe each step along the way of this Podcast collecting thing, in case people are actually going to use this as a template for their own collecting, or for some other weird purpose like trying to discover my “secret sauce” for all this. When I’m not emotionally invested in […]

Delays and Ankles —

I have been informed that the final check disc (the remaining piece I need to sign off on before we see the duplication happen) will not arrive until Monday. Ow! This is the nature of things, where I end up in the queue of a big printer and the re-submission of things screwed up the […]

Quite the Offer —

I made the following offer on the news page of the documentary site. I might as well include it here as well. “For those of you watching the calendar carefully, you then know that I am going to end up with a technical win, but not a real win. The documentary will be printing before […]

All The Podcasts: An Update —

Well, it’s been a little while since I announced that I was setting off to archive all the podcasts. I figured I’d take some time to let you know how all that’s been going on. Obviously, my documentary and then my regular duties have been taking priority over the project, so initially, the whole thing […]

Documentary: Disc Art —

This is what the documentary disc art looks like: Good stuff! It’s all done in Freehand, and that’s how the printers want it. I had to relearn freehand from my nascent days as an art kid back in early 1990s, when I was all about nothing else but cartooning, sketching, and using weird art programs […]

Documentary: Disc #3 is working, Disc #1 Resubmitted —

Well, that’s some excellent news. Disc #3, which was submitted using the new DVD-R method, worked absolutely perfectly. It works both in my DVD players and in my computers, and the DVD-ROM section is browsable and working fine. I even listened a little to a few of my speeches, which are included in the DVD-ROM […]

My Most Precious Collection —

I have a number of in-transit projects I’m always working on. Some of them are in very good shape, others are in states of disrepair and decay. It’s always a constant game to decide what needs my time and what can go another few months without my meddling. But in terms of in-progress sites, the […]

Disc #1 Re-Done, going to Printer —

The two options for submitting a DVD to the printer for duplication are DLT (Digital Linear Tape) or an actual burnt DVD. Dual-Layer DVDs (which is what my DVDs are) are somewhat new in terms of burning them at home, and while my printer indicated that they were sure they could take it in that […]

Documentary: Disc #1 fails, Must be Resubmitted —

Well now. As you might have picked up, the process of doing the three DVDs inside the documentary set works as follows: Create Content Create DVD Master Plant creates DVD “Glass Master” from DVD Master Plant presses 5 example discs (“Check Discs”) Jason plays Check Discs, approves Plant makes one hundred billion discs Discs go […]

A Bright Day of Shovelware —

With the documentary’s day-to-day production out of my life, I can focus on getting back to a number of projects that were seriously back-burnered. The office I work in here has a bunch of large metal racks that basically function like a huge, piled “to-do” list and the list had gotten very physically large. One […]