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The Phone Stories: VOICEMAIL —

Like a lot of teenagers, I had voicemail. That is, like a lot of teenagers now. But I had voicemail in 1984. This came about because a kind soul posted a phone number to a voice mail system in Washington DC. I knew it was Washington DC because the area code was 202 and by […]

The Big Picture —

Some time ago, I talked about a theater on the way out, in an entry called The Little Theater. I talked about how they didn’t own their property, didn’t have a lobby to speak of, had basically taken the idea they were a utility and then turned around and demanded a million dollars from the […]

The Phone Stories: SECURITY —

I suppose if you’d held me down in my early teens, I’d have happily called myself a “Phone Phreak”. However, a lot of that was because if you scoped around the world of BBSes and Textfiles at the time, people who called themselves Phone Phreaks had the coolest attitude, textfiles, and history. While “Hackers” were […]

Return to History, A Little of Now —

I’ve been mostly concentrating on the now, on the stuff I’m scanning and the work on the documentaries. Fun, but I think people liked it more when I addressed history and wrote essays. To get back to that, I will be adding three essays about phones. One will be called SECURITY, one called THE OFFICE, […]