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Keep on Keeping On —

My friend Charlie officially announced he was sick of me showing people cool new stuff I’d downloaded at my editing station in my office. It’s a nice editing station, a nice office and (often enough) really cool stuff, but any more than two people and you just can’t see the screens. “Get this stuff on […]

Looking Ahead: DVD Formats —

Well, I’m sure all the parties involved were quaking in their boots to find out which side Bovine Ignition Systems was going to come down on, but after spending some time on the issue, I’m going to cautiously throw my support behind HD DVD as the likely format my next two movies will be produced […]

Another Satisfied Customer —

Actual real content from me shortly. I have about 4 articles in mid-workover, and yes, I really do write articles/essays that aren’t stream of consciousness. But this little exchange is hard to pass up sharing. Note that we’re discussing a file on, and I’m wondering if I’m wearing a little glowy green uniform with […]

The Pinball Hall of Fame Needs You —

Permit me the indulgence of imploring the world to go play some games. As mentioned previously, I have been working on a second documentary besides the text adventure movie GET LAMP. This second one is about arcades and is called Arcade: The Documentary. My travels took me through Seattle (where I interviewed a developer of […]