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Kickstarter Endorsement: GIT ANNEX ASSISTANT —

UPDATE: This kickstarter hit $20,000, meaning Joey will be working on this new project for a whole year. I can just imagine the possibilities as it matures and gets done. Over the course of this year I will occasionally push you to kickstarter projects related to things I think are important to Archive Team‘s goals and […]


The best projects cause a lot of people to shrug or go “oh, that’s nice” and then a much smaller percentage of people to drop whatever they’re carrying and stagger forward in disbelief. Here’s one of those. For some people, just bringing up the phrase “The Internet Underground Music Archive”, or “IUMA”, summons memories of […]

The DEFCON Documentary —

Earlier this year, I was hired by DEFCON to do a DEFCON documentary. DEFCON, if you’ve missed out, is a “hacker conference” that has been held since its beginning in Las Vegas, and this year is the 20th. That’s big enough news that the organization wanted to capture it in some way, and they hired […]

One Year Update: Jason and the Internet Archive —

I officially started work at the Internet Archive over a year ago. Let’s remove any tension – it has been a fantastic year, where I have gotten more done in the way of preservation and computer history work than my entire previous 40 years combined. Internet Archive seems to like me, I really like them, […]

What Selling Out Reads Like —

Over two and a half years ago, I wrote a statement on Sockington selling out, where I basically said the following: “I am not going to sell Socks out.  Period.  Drag your “proposal” or ‘touching base” or “big idea” or “possibility” to your trash icon, or I’ll kindly take the time to do it for […]

Javascript Hero: Well, That Was Fast. —

So, last year I had this dream to help encouraging the porting of MESS (the Multi-Emulator Super System) to Javascript. We used a Colecovision emulator in the system because MESS had a compilation option to do just that system (called mess-tiny) so we could focus on the main problems. We did it, and this past […]

Javascript Hero: Success / Your Big Moment —

The Javascript MESS project, where we’re porting MESS to Javascript, is now chugging along very nicely. The time for action is now. I’m very excited! This is where you get to pitch in, in a variety of ways. Let me state the goal again: take the MESS project, which is a massive open-sourced effort to […]