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Listen! (A Lost Project) —

A while back, I was asked to take some of my recordings of telephone conference lines and arrange them into some sort of recording or demonstrative collage. The idea was that it would be a cornerstone of a presentation and appearance at an event. Over time, I decided the event was not something I wanted […]

Javascript Hero: A Hero Appears —

Last October, I gave a call to arms on this very weblog to help port MESS to Javascript. Five months later, I want to share a working protoype. So, with the caveat of it only working in the Google Chrome browser, of it only showing you a single Colecovision cartridge, and of it having no […]

A Consideration of an Infocom Kickstarter —

Naturally, one might be inclined to look at a massive project one did, like a two DVD documentary on text adventures, and instead of remembering how you got there and how hard you worked and everything else, just see the flaws. I’ve had GET LAMP flaws held up to me on several occasions, actually many occasions, […]