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The Speech of Forever: Talk Notes —

You are either a fan of my presentations I’ve given over the years or you are not. I am not here to dissuade you in either direction. But I figured that since a lot of people think presentations are “magic” or otherwise a talent they are utterly incapable of, and because I happen to have […]

Jumper and Childhood —

I saw the movie Jumper last weekend with a few family members. I enjoyed the movie immensely, but for entirely wrong reasons. I am not recommending it for you unless these reasons have meaning to you as well. Jumper‘s plot is simplistic by even high-concept standards, so I will provide it for you in a […]

Subtitle Your Fucking Movie —

Hi, filmmaker. I hope you found this weblog entry in the dark depths of your film production, when you’re desperately begging someone for the rights to some music, or when you’re stressing over whether to include that sequence with that really funny girl, even though you think it runs long. My advice: cut it and […]

My Five Movies —

While I registered the domain name in 2002, production in earnest of GET LAMP started in October of 2005. It is now February of 2008. Assume for fun that it will take into the summer to finish this, which is starting to look cheery and optimistic. This means it will have taken three years to […]

On the Occasion of 100 Simultaneous Connections —

I had a new record rather recently: someone decided to download through 100 simultaneous connections. I have to be clear that I don’t mean 100 files downloaded or they connected to me 100 times in some period of time; I mean that they maintained 100 separate connections to my server and had them going […]

The Unfeelies —

In my pile of incoming documentaries and DVDs to watch, I seem to have stumbled onto a new level of scant packaging. I ordered a copy of “Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox”, a documentary about Dr. Bronner. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s fine; that’s the whole point of a documentary, to be […]

Unnecessary —

This is a delightful salad of concepts, chopped up and presented for your perusal. My buddy Chris and I have this running joke/theme going for the last months or so, where we send each other basic how-tos in each other’s field, his being writing and mine being filming. We also bump into a lot of […]

The Feelies —

An occasional surprise or insight has come out of my interviews for GET LAMP that’s unlikely to get the amount of depth it deserves in the final work. I could be wrong and it’ll be prominent, but let’s assume for today’s entry that this isn’t the case. I’d like to talk a little bit about […]

ROFLcon —

I’ve been tapped to speak at ROFLcon. ROFLcon’s one of those ideas that is either going to be a spectacular one of a kind event or a complete mess; either way it does promise to be utterly memorable. The premise is simple; assemble a bunch of “Internet Memes” and see what happens. Have some talks […]

The Modem Man Rap —

This little gem got contributed to me this week: a recording of people screwing around on a phone conference in 1987, doing a little ditty called the Modem Man Rap. Here’s the 866k mp3 file. I figured I’d transcribe the greatness for you. All right, take it from the top…. the Modem Man Rap Yo […]