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All Hail the Cube —

Here’s one of those weird coincidence things dealing with my early history with computers.

It was a huge deal when I was 13 and my dad took us to California. I’d never been to California, and when I went there, this land of Atari and Apple, I was just amazed by it. I still am. But let’s stay focused.

At one point, my dad drove us past Apple headquarters. I was so excited, I made him pull over and photograph me there.

So, last year or so, I was browsing around, reading different weblogs as I am wont to do, and I am sure some discussion of japanese video games or music or something like that made me click on a weblog entry, and then off to the weblog’s creator’s information, and unfortunately I forget exactly where it was, but I happened upon this:


That’s right. The same cube, the same angle, the same year. (And the same type of crazy sunglasses to boot.)

Life, my friends, is weird.

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  1. Chris says:

    CNBC has been showing three good Apple-related documentaries:

    Welcome to Macintosh
    Planet of the Apps

    All are well worth the time to watch. CNBC tends to repeat the hell out of these things, so chances are you can DVR a repeat showing.

    One of my favorites from CNBC was “Game ON!”, a history of the video game industry.

  2. Swagstaff says:

    The cube is gone and HQ moved across the street, but the building still stands: (Google Street View). Apple occupies the building now, but as I recall, it moved out at some point in the interim.

  3. Eric Fischer says:

    The building had a Sun sign on it when I went there the first time on my own obligatory Apple pilgrimage.