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January’s a wash.

I mean, not really a wash for me, per se, but as far as outward appearances go, I am sure I appear to be dead. This weblog hasn’t really been updated, I’ve not been throwing out a ton of new stuff, I went to the hospital… it’s all because of the movie.

All I’m doing, day and night, is either editing this movie or doing busywork around the office while the editor renders out test material. I’ve been collecting and collating contributions for the DVD-ROM section, talking with the hired artist, making sure everything is in preparation with the duplicators… just whaling on this thing.

Time not spent on the project is going to translate to reduced quality at the other end. I’m not into reduced quality. You can’t just flab out in the final stretch. This is the time to show people why it was worth the wait, what it was all about. I do know where I took poor choices and the next project like this I do will probably be about to avoid them. But for the moment, I live with filming and sound choices of years ago, and I am assembling lots of material into a small space.

The first “cut” was 8.5 hours. That’s inaccurate, because some clips were just the full 3-4 minute monsters dumped in the timeline. It’s down to 6.6 hours and receding fast. Bonus features are making themselves known, cool stories that I think you’ll really like listening to, compilations of clips mentioning a subject that would have really slowed down the film but which I think a person quietly going through the DVDs will enjoy. Like the BBS Documentary, GET LAMP is a product of the DVD age – it takes advantages of that format.

Transcribers have been pretty amazing, enough that I’ve not been using everyone who volunteered. When the honking big features come in, it’ll probably be something I’ll have to barn-raise across all of them, but right now it’s like throwing a stick of butter into a fire – they just slam out the stuff and get it right back. Right now I’m at 2 hours of bonus clips and growing. Spoiler-filled clips are in a specially demarcated section so you know what you’re in for, and are on the second disc so you don’t stumble on it by mistake.

It’s so great to move from the realm of the fun into the realm of the done. To put something down on the folders and know it’s there, for good, with maybe a small revision to come. It’s like all these pieces flying into place, a jigsaw that assembles itself.

When I’ve shipped the stuff off, it’ll lighten up and I can get back to having a real online presence. But until then, head down.

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